Competitive Examination Mock Test for Social Study । History GK

Social Study or History GK Mock Test Part 2

Competitive Examination Mock Test for Social Study or History GK for Assam and National Level exam. Social Study

#1. Who founded the Lakshi Bhandar at Cornwallis Street ? কণৱয

#2. When was All India Muslim League established?

#3. The word Satyagraha was first used by Gandhi in ?

#4. When did Gandhi returned to india ?

#5. Who formed the political association Natal Indian Congress ?

#6. When was first independence day celebrated in india before 1947 ?

#7. When was Dandi March started ?

#8. When was Champaran Satyagraha started ?

#9. When was Non Cooperation Movement called off?

#10. Gandhi started Quit India movement in the year of ?

#11. Who led the revolt of 1857 in Assam ?

#12. Where is Lachima located ?

#13. When did the peasant revolt of Patharughat take place ?

#14. When did British government banned Poppy Cultivation in Phulaguri ?

#15. Who gave the slogan “Do or Die” ?

#16. The idea of Indian National Army or Azad Hind Fauz was first conceived by ?

#17. What was the slogan of Indian National Army ?

#18. Subhas Chandra Bose died in ?

#19. Who started the publication of the weekly 'Harijan' in 1933 ?

#20. Who was the second President of All Assam Ryot Sabha ?

#21. Mahatma Gandhi visited Assam for the first time in ?


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