Social Study । GK Mock Test

Social Study । GK Mock Test Part 3
Assam Govt Direct Recruitment . Competitive Examination GK and History Question for all India level and Assam State also

#1. When did English forces occupied Gauhati from the Burmese ?

#2. Which Ahom king was defeated in the battle of Mahargarh ?

#3. At the end of which war, Yandaboo treaty was signed ?

#4. The first man to oppose British administration in Assam was ?

#5. Where and when were Peoli Borphukan and Jeuram Dulia Barua hanged till death ?

#6. The first railway line in India was constructed in ?

#7. The first Railway line of India connected which two places ?

#8. First telegraph was laid between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour by private initiative in ?

#9. Who published the pamphlets 'Brahman Sabadhi' and 'Brahman Missionary Sambad' ?

#10. Who is considered to be the Father of Modern India ?

#11. Who founded the Arya Samaj in Punjab ?

#12. Who was the founder of Ramkrishna Mission ?

#13. Who started the Prarthana Samaj ?

#14. Who attended the Parliament of Religions held at Chicago in 1893 ?

#15. Who established Widow Remarriage Association ?

#16. Who was the first Indian lady president of the Indian National Congress ?

#17. Who started the Central Hindu School in Banaras in 1898 ?

#18. Who established Aligarh Muslim University

#19. What is first newspaper published in India was ?

#20. Who published Bengal Gazette in 1780

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